Why do artists kill themselves?

Maybe it’s because their art sucks. Maybe it doesn’t, and they’re just self-critical. Or maybe they just realize it doesn’t really mean anything. I mean, even if you happened to be a wildly successful sculptor, and you’d been lauded and praised by society for years, maybe decades, and you’d made a living off your craft, and people paid handsomely for your work, and others elevated your efforts to almost mythical status, and you had the respect and admiration of countless folks…maybe you at one moment still realize that all you’re doing is carving dicks out of marble. And that doesn’t really do much for society’s problems….so you kill yourself. I don’t know, just a theory I have.

I recognize this all sounds quite harsh and insensitive. And honestly, no hate towards artists. Being generous to myself here, I suppose in some way you could construe me as attempting to be an artist. I like to write bad music. I type words from time to time. The drive to create is innate, and I say yee-haw to anyone who scratches that itch. Just don’t expect your work to mean something to others. And certainly, don’t be pretentious and impose your unjustly elevated opinions of yourself and your creations on the rest of the world. That’s just annoying. Plus, one day, your façade of great self-importance will crumble, and with it your ego. You may get depressed and kill yourself.

Just sayin’..

PS: A disclaimer, please don’t kill yourself. That is not what I’m saying. Even if you are a marble dong sculptor. Especially if you’re a marble dong sculptor! Most of us aren’t really doing that much for society. That’s ok, that’s why we have Elon Musk. Your friends and family need you, and that’s hopefully your most important role in life. And if you can somehow make a living carving weeners out of rock, I am highly impressed and somewhat jealous, that is awesome, keep that going as long as you can, you are surely winning at the game of life.

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